It’s Fast Moving

Like the traffic on South Congress in Austin, this web site just hums along. And very hip like. This kind of callout just zips.

And with this new feature of making use of the Read More tag, my Bog Picture site can be lean on the front, using just an excerpt, but provide a way to add extended content here in a single post.


Just insert this below the top part of your post that you want to be on the front page

And feel free to expand voraciously here with along reams of content. Like maybe a dash of coffee ipsum:

Sweet, carajillo skinny aromatic single origin, spoon, sit percolator, sit, sweet, galão ut grounds, acerbic, ut, cup americano, café au lait beans foam ristretto instant single shot body. Ut, cortado, robust, bar, breve, extraction, variety sugar, cortado organic, galão, skinny, froth irish dark percolator, cinnamon mug shop java aromatic. Carajillo, galão, aroma cup id, froth espresso caffeine at, extra extraction organic blue mountain trifecta. Acerbic ristretto, qui, aromatic café au lait foam a robust body affogato so variety percolator instant trifecta breve mocha foam. Single origin siphon seasonal trifecta organic con panna mug, caffeine at as con panna caramelization barista.

Macchiato mug cortado dark cappuccino in eu, breve half and half, grounds rich, extra steamed skinny single shot aroma est cinnamon trifecta. Et saucer arabica cortado sweet, shop instant trifecta, in plunger pot, seasonal, sweet arabica cultivar irish single shot. Cup black foam irish grounds, redeye at sit shop beans half and half grinder, iced froth latte, cortado fair trade brewed, java frappuccino shop filter medium. Cortado rich macchiato aged con panna filter dark lungo robusta mazagran arabica, milk chicory single shot plunger pot aftertaste. As single origin white rich, café au lait instant, frappuccino fair trade americano coffee americano so blue mountain.

Pumpkin spice single origin caffeine viennese lungo, iced, bar, sweet, caffeine irish, aftertaste pumpkin spice, instant mug dripper aroma café au lait.

or maybe a video?

Is this the cat’s pajamas or what?

from giphy studios

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